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Christine Strobush is an entrepreneur and servant leader at heart. She has always sought out new and innovative opportunities throughout her personal and professional life.


Her passion for travel, culture and learning accelerated as she studied abroad as an expatriate in New Zealand, and lived in Paris, France early in her career to lead her first global transformation program. 

Christine embraces and thrives on planning, creating, and building new products, teams and capabilities that make a difference for individuals and businesses alike.


After a successful twenty-plus year career as a Transformation executive in two fortune 500 companies, Christine became the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The COMO Group.


She has a proven track record of leading transformative change (people, process, technology), serving her customers with excellence, and delivering exceptional bottom-line results.





Sonal Trivedi is a seasoned Transformation Practitioner and servant leader. She is passionate about people and creating innovative solutions that solve critical business challenges.

Throughout Sonal’s global career in senior-level positions, and now as the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of The COMO Group, Sonal continues to provide thought leadership on how to drive global strategy and organizational change.


With over two decades of corporate experience, she applies her core knowledge in leading multidisciplinary teams and organizations to embrace change, surpass expectations, focus on organizational excellence, and deliver exceptional results through growth and transition periods.

Sonal is an energetic business leader with a meticulous work style and a proven record of success in driving high standards of performance and brand reputation. She is a professional at designing and delivering effective strategies, as well as change and transformation programs that grow the capabilities of internal teams and produce unprecedented results.


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