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The F Place Book

Authors: Sonal Trivedi and Christine Strobush

If you're looking for a book that you simply can't put down...

Rather than bore the listener with another leadership philosophy, The F Place uses a captivating storytelling approach to illustrate how to successfully navigate personal and professional change. Journey with these characters as they engage in political warfare, fight for their personal relationships, and apply The COMO Factor, choosing to succeed even in the unprecedented year of 2020.

"Where Do You Read?"
Get inspired to grab a one-of-a-kind book that you simply won't be able to put down!



Ready to find one of your favorite book reads this year?


The F Place book, is a culmination of unforgettable characters, compelling storytelling, and suspensful twists! 

We can't emphasize enough how genuinely shocked you'll be when you get to the ending, and we know that you'll be hooked from the beginning.


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