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Murder at the French Farmhouse™

Murder Mystery Game


Delight your guests and never host a boring event again!

Get ready for a one-of-a-kind experience as your guests will have to go on a mission to find out who got Forked (aka murdered) at the French Farmhouse and by Whom!!

You’ll find everything you need to throw an unforgettable, fun, and fabulous murder mystery dinner party! 


We suggest you host your Murder at The French Farmhouse™ over dinner (although it’s not completely necessary).  The game has been designed to be played over a three-course dinner, but you can improvise if needed.


Whether you want to host it yourself, need a little help learning how or want to leave all the details to one of our professional hosts, we have it all to make your murder mystery party an unforgettable event that neither your guests nor you will soon forget!

Create an unforgettable experience:

Why a Murder Mystery?


Make it an experience that lets your guests have structure but allows them flexibility to be spontaneous, let their personality and character shine through!


Get ready for humor, interaction, intrigue and lots of fun as you get to know your old friends better, bond with colleagues, or break the ice with new acquaintances and be part of a memorable experience like no other.


No more boring parties!  We’ve created an unforgettable experience that your guests and you will enjoy and remember for a long time!

5 Rating


Great stuff. The ultimate “whodunit” game is perfect for a Friday night with family and friends, especially if you’re surrounded by natural actors.
- MM

A dress-up, act-out experience that transformed the energy of the room and got us fixated on figuring out the clues and exposing the killer’s identity the entire time.



One Night Can Change your life, Do you get FORKED?!

Murder at the French Farmhouse™, is a fun and intriguing, new murder mystery game that is guaranteed to keep your guests entertained. With exciting acts scripted out to keep everyone in suspense and with your guests as your actors, Murder at the French Farmhouse™ is about to become one of the most talked-about events that you have ever hosted!.

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